Rudolph B. Garrity, DPA
Founder, Chief Executive Officer | The American Learnership Forum, Inc.
Rudolph B. Garrity, DPA, At a Glance

Dr. Rudolph Garrity is a highly regarded executive who has garnered 48 years of professional experience throughout his illustrious career. He has extensive experience in project management, consulting, education, and has worked in the private and public sectors. Today, he draws on his past experience and strong skill set to drive the success of individuals and companies around the world.

Always desiring to use his experience and capabilities to contribute to public service, Dr. Garrity has worked hard to acquire the skills necessary to assist people in becoming experts in learnership. Dr. Garrity has conducted research, developed and trained many on the trademarked concept. In his current role, he handles a myriad of responsibilities. He is tasked with consulting on and writing about personal development, professional performance, organizational change and transformation, raising funds for charitable organizations, and consulting with firms based in the Washington area. Dr. Garrity also teaches a master's level, six-course certification program on knowledge management as a part-time adjunct professor at the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, and consults with the United States Air Force on organizational transformation.  

Dr. Garrity started his professional journey as a career specialist, educator and executive with the United States Departments of Defense and Intelligence. He spent 30 years working for the agencies before becoming a knowledge management consultant at IBM Global Services. Dr. Garrity also served as a project manager with federal government consulting organizations. His varied experience exposed him to all facets of the business and government sectors. He became well versed in public administration, organization transformation, workforce development, process reengineering, and information technology architecture.

Aside from his consulting work, Dr. Garrity also dedicates his time and lends his talents to the American Learnership Business Alliance where he serves as director. Dr. Garrity assumed this position three years ago and has worked with a diverse group of people in the Virginia area. His intended goal, in all of his efforts, is to advance the philosophy and practices of learnership.

Rudolph B. Garrity, DPA
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
The American Learnership Forum, Inc.
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