Rudolph B. Garrity, DPA
Founder, Chief Executive Officer | The American Learnership Forum, Inc.
Rudolph Garrity becomes CEO of Total Performance Scorecard International

Dr. Garrity recently became the chief executive officer of Total Performance Scorecard International, a company that provides training, coaching, consulting for individuals and companies, and aligns human capital with business success. It assists organizations and business leaders in achieving success by teaching professionals how to turn vision into action and developing strategies that increase the organization’s brand and profitability.

Dr. Garrity has the pleasure of working with Dr. Hubert Rampersad who is an established author and authority on corporate branding and employee engagement. Dr. Rampersad founded several businesses and knows what it takes to make a business more efficient and successful. He began serving in his position with TPS International Inc in September 2000 and has often by asked to speak at conferences and conduct presentations around the world. His books have been listed on the bestseller lists and have been translated into 15-20 languages. For his exceptional work and knowledge, Dr. Rampersad has been featured in Fortune Magazine and BusinessWeek.

Rudolph B. Garrity, DPA
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
The American Learnership Forum, Inc.
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